Book Review: Burn Zone by Annabeth Albert

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Burn Zone by Annabeth Albert
Nothing like an Annabeth Albert book to get you out of a reading slum.

Honestly, getting to read these books always makes me happy and I almost always drop anything else I'm reading at the moment.

This is new series and let me tell you that after reading this book I can already tell this series is going to bring amazing characters, we already got a little glimpse of the next one at the end of Burn Zone.

So, the book starts with a promise, a promise one of our main characters does to his best friend and this little promise causes a lot of havoc throughout the book as we see our main character Linc and Jacob try to navigate their physical attraction and their genuine feelings for one another.

The characters and the events of the book progress in a natural way, it wasn't rushed, it was just perfect because we got to really get to know Linc and Jacob and their thought process about different events.

The end is a beautiful HEA and a promise to …

Book Review: Where The Lost Wander by Amy Harmon

"The hardest thing about life is knowing what matters and what doesn't"
I am a mess! I just finished reading this wonderful book and it is hard to look through the tears streaming down my face.
I'm not crying because the book is sad but because it is beautiful! Amy Harmon brings us beautiful story about love and family.
John and Naomi find love while traveling through some pretty rough terrain, Naomi is traveling with her family seeking a better life in California and John is going with the purpose of selling some mares. 
On the road many things happen and the way Ms. Harmon writes that journey is just breathtaking, she transports us to that place and with those people, she makes us feel their joy and their sadness.
The books is certainly a rollercoaster of emotions and I urge you to read it, all the way to the acknowledgements.

Book Review: To Kill A Mockingbird

Is it weird that I had no idea what this book.was about?
Honestly I only knew that people love it and it's a classic and that until recently this was the only book Harper Lee had ever published.
This book was hard for me to read, it was easy to get into the story and in the lives of the Finch family but the subject matter was hard to read and I guess that's why a lot of people love this book because it makes you feel, I felt so sad and angry at the things that were happening and the things that were said in this book that I almost stopped reading it a few times but I always came back because I just needed to know more, I needed to know how it ended.
I'm not sure if I'm going to read the next book or not but for the time being I think I need a break.


I have to admit that in recent years my relationship with books has changed a lot, since having more responsibilities has shorten my reading time I haven't been able to finish it read as mentioned books as I would like.
That being said, I have also become more selective with the books I read, I've DNF'ed more books than before because I just don't have time to give to books that don't get my attention right away unless is an author that I usually love.
So, about Netgalley, before I used to be very good at reading eARCS and posting reviews but not so much anymore and that makes me a bit sad, that is why this year I plan on reading at least one book from Netgalley a month, so far this month I've read 3, one more and I'll be able to catch up to the 4 book I should read by April.
What's your relationship with Netgalley? Is it something you know? Or something new?


Hello book friends!!!

So no time like the present to start a book blog right?

My plan is to post reviews (sometimes short, sometimes not so much) and also post some recommendations.

I'm super excited about this new project and I hope you come with me on this new adventure.

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